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Castell de l'Aguda


Our house is a piece of time, living is the attitude of filling life (Txarango)

This phrase from the musical group Txarango sums up why we started this project at 50 years of age. Suddenly, you look back and realize that life has given you A LOT and in certain ways it has taken things away, that in the world of work you have had to deal with people you didn't like too much. That when you have experiences outside the urban world you are happier, that listening to others and sharing with others fills you up and that in the end a change can only improve the quality of life..
For all this, Montse and Oriol have undertaken this new project "Castell de l'Aguda". We knew La Segarra, where Oriol's maternal family is from, and we were clear that we wanted a change in life. Suddenly, we found this magnificent house in l'Aguda, we came to visit it for the first time and...we looked at each other and realized that we have just fallen in love with the place. ..

We wanted to get away from consumerism, we wanted to live in the countryside with our animals. An energetically self-sufficient ecotourism and with great food production. Rebuild the house respecting its origins as much as possible and as sustainable as possible and with our hearts set on l'Aguda we decided to fight for our project. With a lot of effort, sleepless nights, endless inconveniences and unforeseen events, here we are. Happy to be able to share this space and project with everyone who wants it. Thanks to life for this new possibility! .

Why ECOTOURISM: We love and want to take care of the planet and in this aspect we try to be as sustainable as possible in our hotel.


The light in “Castell de l’Aguda” is produced largely thanks to our photovoltaic panels



We accumulate rainwater to irrigate our fruit trees, orchards, fill the pool, etc. We achieve this by taking advantage of an abandoned cistern of about 12,000 litres. In La Segarra, taking advantage of water has always been especially important.  Also the water for consumption is via osmosis and treated in situ, avoiding the need for massive packaging and the use of plastic.


The entire hot water and air conditioning system works by aerothermal energy. We use the wood that the forest gives us to make the fire work on the ground to complete the heat in the home.

Black and gray water

We take the black and gray water to a biological septic tank, this enables us to recover the solid part in the form of fertilizer and the liquid part for irrigation.


Food and products

Our fruit trees, chickens and orchard give us produce for use in the hotel. Where we cannot produce ourselves, we source high quality products from local producers.


From only €150 per night

La Premsa

160€ night, 2 people (breakfast + included)

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El Romaní

150€ night, 2 people (breakfast + included)

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170€ night, 2 people (breakfast + included)

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El Padrí

170€ night, 2 people (breakfast + included)

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La Quadra

160€ night, 2 people (breakfast + included)

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